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What to Consider for Your Small Walk-In Closet

Small spaces encourage us to be more mindful of what we choose to keep. It’s also an opportunity to be intentional about choosing storage that is both pleasing to the eye and effective when designing your small walk-in closet. Looking for a new design or a revamp of your smaller walk in? Here are some options to consider.

Choose Easy Access For Things You Use Often

For things you reach for all the time, make sure they’re easy to grab and put away, so you’ll stay organized. Open shelving is a great option for ensuring that your go-tos are easy to spot. 

Make the Most of Your Space in a Small Walk-In Closet

If your closet has slanted ceilings or odd corners, be sure to use all the space in your small walk-in closet, even the odd spaces. A custom design makes it easy to make your small space work harder. Shelves and cabinets may be designed to fit the space and look amazing, too!

Give Yourself a Variety of Storage Options

You’ve got a variety of things to store, so choose storage options that work for each of your items. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of storage. Instead add cabinets, shelving, and hanging rods. Choose a variety of lidded containers of various sizes, baskets, or whatever vessel excites your decorative style.

Make Hanging Rods More Effective

If the room allows, consider a high and low rod to maximize storage space in your small walk-in closet. When organizing your outfits, hang your favorite outfits with the matching tops and bottoms together, so they’re easy to grab when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Have Fun with Style

These days, there are so many options when it comes to custom closet design. Choose finishes that match the look and feel of your home to add value to the design. And when it comes to personal tastes, choose hardware, lighting, and colors that reflect your tastes.

Get a Whole New Look For Your Small Walk-In Closet Today!

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