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Walk-In Closet Mirror Ideas

Creating the perfect walk-in closet space allows you to maximize your storage area, organize your clothing and accessories, and create a space to get dressed and ready to face the day. Whether you already have a walk-in closet or are having one updated or created, you have to think about an important aspect of your closet; your mirrors. 

Mirrors are the best way to see how you look in a specific outfit, or how that necklace goes with your dress. No matter the size of your walk in, you must have a mirror to check yourself out in before you walk out the door. 

Here are some great walk-in closet mirror ideas for you!

Standard Floor Length Mirror

If your walk in is smaller, you may want to consider the classic floor length mirror. It can hang on the back of the door, and therefore not take up space you need for other storage. It gives you a full-length view of your outfit, so you can make decisions about your style as you are dressing.

Sliding Door Mirrors

If your closet has sliding doors, they make wonderful mirrors. Like the standard floor-length mirror, the sliding door mirrors do not affect your storage space in your closet. They are also large enough that you can get a better view of your outfit.

Corner Mirrors

Corner mirrors are a great choice, because you can view both sides of your outfits at once. This allows you to notice anything that is off, and make a better fashion decision before heading out for your day.

Small Mirrors

If you have an area to sit down and put on makeup or jewelry, then you need some small mirrors. These can sit on your table or island in your closet.

Portable Mirrors

If there is no wall space for a mirror in your closet, another option is a portable mirror. They make beautiful mirrors with wood frames and stands that can be moved as needed. They can be put into a corner or slipped into a storage spot when not in use.

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