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Top 4 Reasons to Ask Your Boss if You Can Work From Your Custom Home Office

Asking your boss if you can work from home can be intimidating. For instance, you might be afraid that your boss will disapprove of the request. You might also be worried about the experience and your own productiveness if you leave the office.

But there are too many benefits to working from home for you to not consider it. If you’re thinking about working from your custom home office in Boca Raton, here are a couple of reasons to further nudge you in that direction.

1.       Fewer Distractions in Your Home Office

If you’re concerned about productivity, you should know that you might even be more productive working from home. If you think about it, there are a lot of distractions at work, such as other coworkers who stop to chat. If you work from home, you will likely still need to answer questions from your boss and colleagues, but you’ll be able to manage your workflow the way that suits you.

2.       Comfort

One of the great things about working from home is that you have all of the comforts that a house affords. You can make your own coffee without worrying about someone else drinking from your pot. You can also keep the temperature of your custom office at the level that’s comfortable for you. People who have ever worked in an office that’s much too hot or cold can appreciate this.

3.       Avoiding Commute

One of the great things about working from home is that you have the convenience of avoiding the commute. You can put that time to good use, focusing on your work instead of sitting in a car. Not only will you save time that you would otherwise spend driving, but you’ll also save on gas money.

4.       Convenience and Ergonomics

When you work from home, you’ll also have the convenience of having everything that you need. You can design your custom home office to suit your preferences, too. If you work in an office in which you have to use their furniture, you might not find it comfortable. This is especially true for people who are big and tall or very petite. The furniture isn’t designed for your body and the way that you live. When you work from your own custom home office, you’ll get to pick everything in the room. That also goes for the color and style of the room. We all have our aesthetic preferences, and you can make your space look in a way that makes you feel inspired.

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