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The Closet Design Experts Say THIS Is What Your Walk In NEEDS

Your walk-in closet should fit your exact needs. If you’re living with a closet that wasn’t designed just for you or is composed of cookie cutter elements from a big box store, then you’re probably not getting the best use of your space. That’s why the closet design experts say that your walk-in closet needs customization. 

All Storage Is Designed and Crafted With Your Specific Needs In Mind

Customization means that each aspect of your closet is carefully thought out just for you and how you live! When a walk-in closet is made for your belongings, you’ll have a place for everything, which means items are easier to store and find when you need them. 

Your Walk In Is Just Your Style 

At The Closet Edition, our closet design experts get to know you and your style. With so many finishes and decorative touches to choose from, your walk in is made to suit your sense of style and add value to your home. Choose from a variety of furniture quality options, and add all the special touches that make it yours.

Drawers Designed for Your Smaller Items Make the Best Use of Space

Do you have an elegant watch collection or an affinity for beautiful jewelry? Add unique storage options, like slender drawers or pull outs created just to fit your precious smaller items. Easily see your collection, and add to it over time. Add linings of velvet or satin for extra protection and a more refined appearance.

Unique Elements Help The Closet Design

If you spend time in your walk in getting ready in the morning, add seating and consider a beverage station. Enjoy a cup of morning coffee or tea as you prepare for the day. Consider adding a sleek minifridge and small counter space for a coffee maker so your morning latte is close at hand, streamlining your day. Or perhaps you’ve got valuables to lock away. Locking drawers or even a well-placed safe may be just what you need.

Upgrade Your Walk In – Hire The Closet Design Experts at TCE

The closet design experts at The Closet Edition have decades of experience creating the right closets for our clients. Choose our family-owned company to get the custom closet of your dreams designed and built just for you! Call us today to find out more at 561-241-3834, and let us design the perfect space for you!