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The Best Closet Designs for Organization in Walk Ins

Your walk-in closet should be a useful and yet peaceful place where you can begin and end your day. And the key to the best design is customized storage for your items, so that keeping them organized is a breeze. Here are the best closet designs for walk-in organization.

Consider the Shape

Walk-in closets typically come in straight, U shape or L shape. The U-shaped closet offers three walls, so you can maximize your storage space. Use it to provide shelving and hanging storage. Cabinets and drawers provide closed storage for your items. Keeping your space uncluttered makes it easier to enjoy and find the things you need.

Make Seating Pull Double Duty

Adding a comfy seat makes your closet the perfect room to get ready for your day. An ottoman that opens allows for not only a customizable seat but also added storage space. Plenty of storage space allows you to keep the space tidy and visually pleasing.

Add an Island

An island allows for additional storage space, as well as a surface space to lay out items for the day or fold items to put away. A custom-designed island can be created to make the best use of your space and provide drawers needed for keeping your things. Drawers in a custom island can be crafted to hold small items like watches and jewelry or sized to fit your undergarments.

Consider Wall to Wall Cubby Shelving

Cubbies provide the perfect size storage for hats, folded sweaters, and more. Extend them the full length of the wall in a beautiful finish for a stunning effect.

Use Double Rods

Hanging space is dramatically increased by using double rods. One is typically placed at 40 inches from the floor while the second at 80 inches. Hang pants on one rod and shirts from the other to take advantage of double the rod space.

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