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Small Business Saturday: How to Support Small Businesses Like The Closet Edition This Holiday Season 

One of the great aspects of spending your holiday money at a small business is that you are supporting a local family. You are also directly investing in your local economy, and in turn, small businesses also invest in the local economy, including employing local people. While you may not be in the market for a custom walk-in closet right now, there are many ways you can support our small business, as well as others, during the holidays. 

Let’s take a look at how you can directly support small businesses, including The Closet Edition, during the holidays.  

Share SM Posts

Social media is one of the main ways that small businesses connect with the community. Sharing our social media posts is an easy way to help support us. Every like and share means a lot to us. By sharing our posts, they may be seen by someone you know who needs our services who may not have reached otherwise. 

Leave Positive Reviews

Many people read reviews on sites such as Google to determine if they want to shop or use the services of a business. Having positive reviews makes a huge difference to small businesses, as this is a large part of how they are judged by the community. Your positive review can make a huge difference to a small business like ours.

Refer Friends and Family

If you know friends or family that could use our services, let them know about us! If you have had our services and are thrilled with them, be sure to tell your friends and family. A referral from someone they know holds a lot of weight when it comes to deciding on a purchase.

Give the Gift of a Closet

Gift our services! If you know someone who needs a customized closet space, this would be a wonderful gift to get them this Christmas. You would be supporting our small business while you check off your Christmas list. 

Shop The Closet Edition for Custom Walk Ins and Other Storage Needs This Holiday Season

We are so grateful for our customers and supporters, as they are what keeps our business going every day. If you need custom storage solutions, or you know someone who does, call us today at 561-241-3834. We offer free consultations for walk-in closets in Boca Raton.