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How to Organize Your Closet So It Stays Organized

How to Organize Your Closet So It Stays Organized

Does constantly cleaning unorganized messes make you want to go crazy? Do you feel like cleaning out your closet is pointless? You spend hours sorting and organizing, making hard decisions on what you’re willing to throw away, and the very next week, it’s right back to its messy self again.

Keeping a messy space can put a real damper on your mood, even if you’re not consciously aware of it. What if you had a better way to keep things organized, so they stay that way? Make organizing easy and fun with some of these great tips for keeping your closet neat – and, most importantly, your sanity grounded.

Tips to Help Keep You Organized

  1. Install custom shelving that is designed specifically for your needs, so everything has a “home” to return to when not in use. It’s much easier to stay organized when you already know where you’re going to put something when you’re done using it.
  2. Use a shoe organizer. Make the most of the space you have by installing an over-the-door shoe rack or hanging one in the unused space in the back. Keeping your shoes together and off of the floor helps ensure you’re able to find of them when needed.
  3. Invest in quality clothes hangers, and get rid of those cheap wire ones. Wire hangers don’t hold as much weight and are easily bent out of shape. Investing in some plush, textured clothes hangers will hold your clothes better, so they don’t slip off onto the floor, making you wonder if your clothes is clean or dirty. And, no more trips to the store for more hangers when they break!
  4. Designate a home for dirty clothes. You’ll save quite a bit of premium closet space by setting a dirty clothes hanger nearby. Get in the habit of putting all of your dirty clothes in a bin rather than tossing them on the closet floor, and make laundry that much easier.
  5. Schedule regular closet purges. We all have our ups and downs when it comes to our weight. You’re lucky to stay the same clothing size for more than two years in a row! Even so, trends come and go and we sadly can’t wear everything in our wardrobes forever. Make a point to schedule a couple of days a year to get rid of old clothes you know you don’t or can’t wear anymore. This helps to free up space for trendy clothes that fit now.

The Closet Edition for Walk-In Closet Organization in Boca Raton

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