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How to Solve the Top 7 Closet Problems

Every day you wake up and have to pick out an outfit for the day. For many, going into their walk-in closet to pick out an outfit is an annoying experience as their clothes and accessories are unorganized and hard to get to. Having a closet that is well organized and easy to maintain will save you time and headache. There are many closet issues people deal with, from not being able to get to their belts to piles of clothing adding up over the week. 

Here are the top seven closet problems and what you can do to fix them.


  • Hard-to-Reach Belts


Instead of throwing all your belts in a drawer or hanging them on the same hanger and making them hard to get to, go get some simple S-hooks. You can hang the S-hooks on your clothing rack and put one belt on each, making them easy to grab when needed.


  • Piles of Clothes


It can be tempting to just throw your clothes and shoes in a pile when you are in a rush. Unfortunately, these piles add up leading to a big mess. Take a few minutes every day to make sure your clothing gets hung up and put away to avoid this issue.


  • No Space for Small Stuff


Use baskets to get all your smaller accessories organized. This makes sure you don’t accidentally lose smaller items and that you can easily grab them.


  • Nowhere to Hang Everyday Items


Put up a few wall hangers for items you use often, such as your jacket or purse. This will make them easy to grab and save you the time of having to hang them on a hanger everyday.


  • Not Enough Drawers


Drawers are a great addition for items that do not need to be hung up. Put your underwear, undershirts, pajamas, and other similar items into drawers. 


  •  Poor Lighting


You want to be able to see well in your closet as you are picking out your outfits. Add in some lighting, so you can better see your outfits and how they look on you.

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