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How to Share a Walk-In Closet With Your Significant Other

If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you might think all your closet difficulties are over. However, having a partner who needs to share this closet with you can cause issues. It is very hard to fairly divide space and make sure you can find everything. Here are a few tips that make closet sharing far easier for you and your significant other.

Get Rid of Unwanted Clothing

Before you start bickering over who gets the most shelves, take the time to sort through all of your clothes and accessories. Remove and donate or sell anything that has not been used in over a year. If the idea of getting rid of clothes makes you anxious, consider storing them for another year to see if you need them.

Talk About Dressing Routines

Discuss what times you will be using the closet. If you are both dressing for work at the same time of day, you may want to keep your clothes on opposite sides to prevent hassles. Decide whether you both want to keep your shoes and other accessories in the closet or not.

Color Code Everything

Make sure you do not end up accidentally grabbing the wrong thing by using a comprehensive color coding scheme. Get a different color hanger for each person, and make sure storage bins are also the same color. This lets you tell whose items are whose in a single glance.

Store Things Vertically

Most closet fights happen over a lack of enough space. An easy way to improve the amount of storage in your closet is to find clever vertical solutions. Install shoe racks that hang over the door or mount bars to drape ties and jewelry around.

Have an Easily Accessible Laundry Basket

One of the hazards of sharing a walk-in closet is that it is easy for clothes to pile up on the floor. Prevent this from happening by having laundry bins that both you and your significant other can reach from anywhere in the closet.

Get Custom Organization for Your Walk-In Closet

Regardless of how you choose to organize your closet, you always benefit from custom organization. At The Closet Edition, we provide unique closet designs tailored to fit your personal needs. Schedule a free consultation for a walk-in closet in Boca Raton by calling us today at 561-241-3834, and be sure to ask about our specials!