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How to Organize Your Closet With the KonMari Method

Do you open your closet and just see a mountain of clothes that have never even made it on a hanger? Search everywhere for the match to a shoe to no avail? Get overwhelmed with the array of clutter? You have probably felt the need to organize your closet, and possibly have succeeded in doing so only to have it fall into disorganization again. Organizing sensation Marie Kondo has developed the KonMari method to help you successfully, and permanently, organize your closet space.

What Is the KonMari Method?

With the KonMari method, instead of organizing section by section in your house, you organize item by item in one location. For instance, you organize all your clothing and shoes in your closet at the same time. The other key aspect of the KonMari method is choosing what you keep based on whether it brings joy to your life. If it does not bring joy, then it can be donated, recycled, or thrown away.

KonMari Organization Tips for Your Walk-In Closet

You may feel overwhelmed when looking at your walk-in closet and deciding where to start organizing. Fortunately, the KonMari method offers several great tips for conquering your closet! These simple tips can help you take your closet from a mess to amazing.

  1. First, imagine the life you want to live without clutter distracting you or slowing you down. This will help you to get in the right mind space to get rid of things you no longer need.

  2. Touch each piece of clothing or pair of shoes in your closet. Turn each one over individually, and look it over. Ask yourself if it sparks joy. Think about how you would feel getting rid of it.

  3. Do not rationalize. It can be easy to justify keeping something for the chance you may someday fit into it or need it. If it is something you honestly do not use, stop holding onto it for a someday that will never come.

  4. Once organized, begin treating what you kept as if it is alive. You would never drop your pet on the floor carelessly. Don’t do this with your shoes or clothes either. Put them up properly every time so that clutter does not build back up.

If you have tried the KonMari method in other rooms and come to the realization that you need a walk-in closet to better organize everything you decide to keep, we can help!

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