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How to Decorate Your Custom Entertainment Center

Now that you have your awesome custom entertainment center built, you need to find ways to decorate it and truly make it a part of your home. There are so many options when it comes to decorating, it can be hard to decide exactly what you want to do to take this new space and really make it your own. You want it to reflect you and your family’s personality and compliment the space it is in.

Here are some great ideas for decorating your customized entertainment center.

Pick a Theme

If you have an existing theme in the room, such as nautical or modern, you should stick with that theme and help your entertainment center blend in seamlessly. If you are totally redecorating, you will want to pick a theme for your room you will love. This will make choosing your decorations much easier, as you will already have an idea of what you are looking for.

Family Photos

Family photos are always a good decorating option, You can choose frames that match your theme, and even find family photos that may match as well, depending on the theme you chose. Imagine a nautical style room with pictures of your family fishing trips or cruises included. 


Plants improve any space to which they are added. They help improve our moods and create cleaner indoor air. You can have a lot of fun finding, or painting, plant pots that fit in with your decor.


You could find some fun antiques that match your decor and use them for decoration. There are millions of options for filling in those little nooks and having pieces that really create an attractive space. 


Since your entertainment center is likely in a room with comfortable seating, people may want to grab a book and relax. Use books to add to the decor of the space. For instance, if you pick a travel theme, you can have books about travel available to read in your entertainment center.


You could find artwork or crafts that fit your decor and display them as decorations. This will help tie in the room and may even make for some great conversation pieces.

Have the decor under control but need a new custom entertainment center? Our designers can help!

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