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How Much Is a Custom Garage Organization System?

An organized garage is not only eye pleasing, but it adds value to your home and your life. With an organized garage, it is much easier to find what you’re looking for and it makes the space much more usable. If you’ve seen homes where the garage is so messy it won’t even fit the car, you know the value of a custom garage organization system. How much can you expect to pay? Here are the factors that impact the cost.

The Cost of Custom Garage Organization Is Dependant on Factors Such as the Following

Where You Live

Nationally, the average cost of a custom garage organization system is about $1500, but the area of the country you live in impacts the cost. If you live in a climate where you’ll want heat or air conditioning to make your space the most usable as well as control the climate to best protect your items, this cost will factor in. Where you live also contributes to the cost of labor and materials. You’ll likely pay more in a city and a bit less if you live in a rural area.

Size Matters

The size of the garage definitely has a big impact on the cost of custom organization. The larger the space that you’ll be adding custom work benches, cabinets, shelving, and other storage, the higher the cost.

Types of Custom Organization Elements

When it comes to organization, the sky’s the limit on finishes and features. But, not all elements are equal in cost. Open shelving may be more budget-friendly than cabinetry, but cabinets offer storage behind closed doors which makes things look neater.

The materials used affect the cost as well and there are so many options for materials and finishes. The best way to determine your options is to talk to a custom garage design expert. You can expect to pay more for higher end finishes and sturdier materials. 

Custom options to consider include:

  • Cabinets
  • Racks 
  • Shelving
  • Overhead storage
  • Hooks
  • Workbenches

Add Value to Your Home By Installing a Custom Garage Organization System!

Make your garage a wonderful space to store your vehicle and work in as well. The experts at The Closet Edition have the experience you need in custom garage organization design to get the most out of your space. Contact us today at 561-241-3834 for a free consultation.