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How Much Do Walk-In Closets Cost?

Are you ready to enjoy a bright new space that’s easier to keep organized and streamlines your day? Custom closets not only add value to your day-to-day living but also to your home. Consider it an investment, an upgrade for your home. How much do walk-in closets cost? Here are some factors to consider.

The Sky’s the Limit

With so much potential for the space, the high end of the spectrum can be really high. But it’s totally possible to stay within a budget. The average is about $2,000 to $5,000 for a professionally designed and installed walk-in closet. No matter your budget, a professional can deliver an amazing space on the high end or low end because they’ve got the experience you need.

Size Matters

The size of the space affects the final cost. The larger the space, the more potential there is to add storage elements and design options. Smaller spaces potentially cost less, but it really depends on the materials and elements you choose.

Materials Used

Know that material choices have a big impact on your bottom line. Nicer options like hardwoods are going to cost more when it comes to your flooring choices, cabinetry finishes, and more. Consider your choices when it comes to staying within your budget.

Storage Options

Most walk-in closets offer multiple custom storage solutions. Choosing storage that best fits your belongings and offers flexibility over time helps you get the most out of your walk-in closet. The types of storage options you choose affect the cost of your closet. 

Open shelving typically costs less than cabinets and drawers. Cabinets and drawers offer closed storage that keeps things looking neat, but open shelving can be organized with boxes and baskets to hold items. Consider a mix of options to stay within your budget.

How Much Do Walk-In Closets Cost? Hire the Pros at The Closet Edition to Find Out and to Save on Your Custom Walk In!

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