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Do I Have Enough Space for a Walk-In Closet?

Many people dream of having their own walk-in closet space. A walk in is great, because you can organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories, while having easy access to them. While walk-in closets can ultimately be as large as you’d like, size does not matter if they are not well organized and laid out. 

Of course, if a closet is too small, it is no longer a walk in. The minimum dimensions for a walk-in closet are four feet wide and four feet deep. This allows for enough storage area that you can effectively use your closet. When designing your closet space, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing what size you want, such as walkway clearance, storage and hanging space, and accessibility for those with disabilities. 

Clearances for Walk-In Closet Walkways

Since one of the major factors of a walk-in closet is that you be able to easily walk in and look around, you need to consider how much walkway clearance you need. Generally, the minimum walkway clearance you want is 24 inches between shelving, rods, clothing hangers, and other items that may obstruct the walkway. 

If you intend on having clothes hanging up on both sides of the closet, you will need a closet that is at least six feet wide. If your closet is going to be large enough to include an island, the 24-inch rule still applies all the way around the island. If you use a wheelchair, you will need a walkway that is at least 30 inches wide to accommodate the size of the chair.

Storage and Hanging Room

One way to maximize your hanging space in a smaller closet is to have two hanging rods on one wall, one above the other. This allows you plenty of space to hang your shorter garments, such as jackets and shirts. You can plan what height of rod you need based upon your clothes hanging needs. 

If you are hanging mostly suits, then a medium-hang rod mounted at 54 inches above the floor will get the job done. If you have a lot of dresses or other long garments, you need to have rods hung 66 inches above the floor. How high your rod placement is will affect your shelving space above the hanging rods, but you can make your shelving space deep to accommodate larger items or baskets.

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