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Closet Design Ideas for 2021

If a new custom closet is on your holiday list, consider these closet design ideas and trends for your new space in 2021.

Blend the Closet Into the Surrounding Space

Invisible closets are a growing trend, especially in smaller spaces. The closet is customized to occupy an area without leaving any gaps visually to indicate a closet. Instead, the exterior of the closet blends with the space using sliding doors or other handle-free doors giving the illusion of a solid wall, maintaining continuity of the shape of the room.

Say Goodbye to Bland, Neutral Tones

Adding elements of texture and bold colors allows the space to stand out to create a pleasing asthetic. While solid colors create a lovely backdrop for your items, adding dazzling hardware, choosing places for patterns and texture, or installing a lighting element that stands out can really make your space shine. 

Install Hardware that Makes a Statement

Choosing a few pieces of hardware that really stand out can make all the difference in customizing your space. There are endless options of hand-painted, hand-blown glass, and bold metal hardware crafted by artists – and it is fun to explore and choose! Maybe you’ll go with something that reflects your individual personality or hardware that aligns with the vintage look of your home. 

Choose Sophisticated Storage

Custom storage that is furniture quality gives your closet elegance. It also allows you to work with your designer to create beautiful spaces that best meet your needs making it easier to keep things organized. 

Showcase Your Items – Don’t Just Store Them

A custom closet should provide storage spaces that allow some items to be tucked away in closed compartments. Beautiful storage that also acts as a showcase for items that are visually stunning allows you to not only quickly locate what you need but also create a pleasing display. 

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