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Where Can I Design Custom Closets in Boca Raton?

Is it Time To Get A Custom Closet

Closets are a great addition to your home if used properly. If not, they can be made into the endless abyss of unmatched shoes and mismatched socks. If you have a closet where you throw your clothing into it and they never come out, it may be time to get a custom closet in Boca Raton. At the Closet Edition, we can help you create a custom closet that will give you the organization you need. We can install many different features that can clear your clothes off the floor and place them in their own specific place in your new closet.

We specialize in closet systems that can categorize your clothing and accessories for easy access! You will never have to search through piles of clothes to find a specific shirt or pair of pants. Your entire wardrobe will be right in front of your eyes and ready to be paired. When you can see all your clothing, you can create new combinations in your wardrobe that you never even thought of before. A few of the specific customizations that we can add to your closet includes the following features:

  • Belt racks
  • Tie racks
  • Jewelry drawers
  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • And more!

With fully adjustable wood and melamine closet sets, you can create a closet that can be formed into a layout that matches your needs. All our wood is made from the highest quality and is durable enough to hold all your clothing. Unlike other “closet units, ours are built into the floor for increased stability instead of hung on the wall. Our designers and installers are there by your side throughout the entirety of the project.

With a free face to face consultation, we can measure your closet and begin your customization. You will choose from one of our design options and its features, then we will begin the process. It doesn’t take long to install, but once it is, you will have a reliable and organized closet for years. We offer designs for walk-in closets and reach in closets alike! The size of your closet does not matter, we can make any closet functional enough to meet your needs!

Contact us at (561) 207-8762 to get the custom closet you need! You will wonder how you ever could function without an organized closet before!