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Can I Add a Walk-In Closet in My Bathroom?

Do you have dreams of being able to hop out of your shower and easily go into a walk-in closet and prepare for your day? Are you wondering if a walk in could be put into your bathroom? The answer to that is yes, depending on the space you have available. Many people love the convenience of a walk-in closet right off their bathroom, and even have his and hers walk-in closets put in. 

Here are some ideas and tips for having a walk-in closet added to your bathroom.

Benefits of a Walk-In Closet in the Bathroom

One of the nicer aspects of having a closet in your bathroom is the security. A walk in often is the home to precious jewelry, safes, and other valuable items in your home. Having the walk-in closet in your bathroom would force people to have to go through your bedroom and bathroom to get to these things. You also can take a shower and walk directly into your closet without having to enter your bedroom, something many homeowners love.

Check Your Space

To officially have a walk-in closet, you must have at least four feet by four feet. This allows for shelving and hanging space on one wall and the back of the closet. For all three walls to have shelves and hanging space, the closet must be six feet wide. If you want an island, then plan for a closet that is ten feet wide.

If you are building a new home, make sure the architect incorporates the closet size you want into the building plans. For already existing houses, you need to determine if you have space to rearrange your home so you can fit a walk-in closet into your bathroom. If there is not existing room, you can look into an addition on your home. 

Designing Your Bathroom

In order to provide more privacy in your bathroom, you want to consider having your toilet put into a closed-off space of its own. This allows you or your partner to use the bathroom in  privacy while the other goes into the closet. This is not absolutely necessary, but it is nice to incorporate and definitely something you want to decide on before you build.

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