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How to Build a Custom Entertainment Center Basics

If you’re wondering how to build a custom entertainment center so you have the perfect end result, your search is over. While you will have to come up with your own design, we have assembled the necessary info you need to get started on building a custom piece of furniture for your family room.

Here are the basics on how to build a custom entertainment center.

  1. First, you have to develop design plans. This is done by researching the best sizes for entertainment centers, taking into account what features you’d like to add to your unit, and the size of your TV and electronics you use with it. You may want to find a pre-designed plan to use. Measure the space where you want the entertainment center to go. Then, determine the length, width, and height dimensions for your entertainment center based on the size of your space. Be sure to incorporate decorative molding or other finishing touches you may like into measurements.
  2. Determine what materials and tools you need to complete your project. Materials include plywood and / or wood, and whatever else you choose to bring your design to life with. This may include molding, organization features, knobs, pulls, and sliders for drawers, door and drawer fronts, hinges, paint or stain, sandpaper, nails, screws, and wood glue and filler. You may need other project necessities based on your design. Basic tools you need include a tape measure, level, hammer or nail gun, drill, clamps, circular saw, miter saw, and a saw guide. If you plan to attach your entertainment center to the wall, you also need a stud finder.
  3. Put your design together. After gathering supplies, it’s time to get to work! Build your unit from the bottom up, starting with the base, then moving to the frame. Next comes all of the design features. After construction is finished and the design is sanded, it’s time to apply stain or paint. Then, add the finishing touches with molding or other decorative options. Attach the back panel if you choose to have one or attach your entertainment center to the wall.

The best way to build a custom entertainment center may be to not build it.

Instead of DIY, hire a professional. Unless you are a designer, carpenter, and builder, it may be better left to the professionals. A custom entertainment center designer and builder like the ones we have here at The Closet Edition can complete all the necessary steps to build your entertainment center tailored just for you. We listen to your wants and needs, and then design the perfect unit to entertain for many years to come. Call us today at 561-241-3834 for a free estimate on your dream design!