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Answers To Your FAQs About Elements of the Best Custom Closets

Whether you’re creating a whole new closet space or upgrading a dated one, the best custom reach-in or walk-in closets match your unique style and provide needed storage solutions. A professionally designed custom closet offers quality storage pieces and good lighting – all in a space that makes it easy for you to stay organized. If you’re dreaming of a well-appointed closet, here are answers to frequently asked questions about the elements of the best closets.

FAQ #1: How Can I Make The Best Use Of My Closet Space?

Plan to use elements like floor-to-ceiling shelving or other storage to take advantage of the oft-forgotten hard-to-reach spaces. Seasonal items and other items that are not needed on a daily basis can be stored up high. And don’t forget corners, incorporate shelving or rotating storage to make good use of these areas for the best custom closets.

FAQ #2: What Considerations Need To Be Made For Lighting?

There are so many options for lighting. Choose lighting that is functional and makes a statement. Well-placed lights transform a darker space and make it easier to locate items quickly. Consider lights that showcase items in addition to a light that brightens the overall space. (Think back-lit shelving to show off those heels.) In a walk-in closet, a skylight brings in natural light giving you a brighter start to your day.

FAQ #3: Why Should I Incorporate Both Open and Closed Storage For Best Custom Closets?

Some items that you use often AND look appealing are great for storing on open shelves. It’s easy to find just the right pair of shoes plus the right pairs are simply showstoppers! On the other hand, drawers are perfect for stowing things away and adding organization elements will help you keep things in order. Be sure to choose furniture quality pieces to give the best custom closet space an elegant feel.

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