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7 Organization Hacks for Your Custom Designed Home Office

A custom home office makes it easier to organize because it’s designed to meet your specific needs. For the hardworking home office, keeping up with organization helps you work more efficiently. But, staying organized takes effort. For an office that is a pleasure to work in and easy to keep in order, here are 7 organization hacks for your custom designed home office.

1. Divide and Conquer in Your New Custom Designed Home Office

Staying organized means having specific places to put your things so they’ll be easy to find. When designing your custom home office, add drawer dividers to help keep things sorted. Or, use kitchen utensil trays or other store bought organization solutions to divvy up drawer space.

2. Keep Your Printer Out of Sight

A calming space is often disrupted by the sight of bulky technology. Add a pull-out shelf to a cabinet to store your printer behind closed doors. A cabinet dedicated to your printer keeps it out of sight, and the pull-out shelf makes it easy to access when needed. Store other printer accessories in the cabinet, so they’re at the ready.

3. Organize Cords

Unsightly cords are avoided in a good design. You can also add a cable box to store cords to avoid a messy look. Avoid the frustration of trying to figure out which cord is which by using washi tape to label cords.

4. Free Up Space By Installing Lighting

Consider your lighting carefully. Desk lamps may take up your needed work space. Installing wall-mounted, ceiling, or under-cabinet lighting helps to make more surface space available. 

5. Make Your Small Space Work Harder in a Custom Designed Home Office

Need extra work space sometimes? Consider a fold -down desk top. When not in use, it’ll fold up against the wall out of the way and unfold when you need it.

6. Get Out Your Label Maker

If you’ve got things in attractive storage boxes or folders, be sure to label them so things are easier to find. Sort by category, and then use your label maker to mark the contents.

7. Add Space with a Monitor Stand

When designing your desk in your custom home office, add a built-in monitor stand. No built in? No problem! Repurpose a pretty box or purchase a monitor stand to add a bit of space for those small, go-to office items.

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