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5 Tips for Creating the Best Closet Space

A well-organized custom closet has many benefits – saving you valuable time getting ready, adding value to your home, and so much more. Your closet can also be a thing of beauty, something that will lift your spirits when you open the door. Creating a beautiful closet to inspire peace and calm? Here are 5 tips to help create the best closet space for organization.

1. Specialize your storage space for the best closet.

A closet that mixes open storage space and closed storage space ensures that you have just the right place for all your items. This will make it easier to keep everything tidy and looking good. Items that have visual appeal are showcased, drawing the eye. Closed storage, such as well made drawers or cabinets are used for items that can be folded or stashed away out of site. 

2. Bring in lighting.

Incorporate lighting elements into your design. Special lighting features add to the beauty of the space and show off your prized possessions. An interior light illuminates the whole space. To add an upscale feel, lighting can be added to shelving and more – making what could be darker spaces, pop!

3. Organize your clothing for the best closet aesthetics.

Simple touches like facing your clothes the same direction and grouping items by color will also help keep your space feeling lovely.

4. Coordinate hangers.

Choosing matching hangers will add continuity to the overall look of your space and add visual appeal. Use your hangers wisely by hanging delicate items and folding the bulkier items to put in drawers or on shelves.

5. Keep things organized.

A custom closet is easier to keep neat and tidy. Maintaining the organization within is key to making the space beautiful each time you open the door.

If you’re looking for a custom closet company in Boca Raton, The Closet Edition has the experience you need to make your space beautiful. Our experts design both walk-in and reach-in closet spaces and are ready to meet your needs. Stop in to our showroom, or call us today at 561-241-3834.