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5 Storage Ideas for Your Walk In Closet Design

Closets are storage spaces, so make your walk in closet design work hard for you. Level up your space with these smart closet storage ideas.

1. Use The Space Wisely – Think About Vertical Space and Corners

When considering storage, don’t forget about the vertical space. Plan your walk-in closet design with floor to ceiling storage elements. Keep the items you use daily within easy reach but stash away seasonal items up high. Corners are often overlooked, but they have nice deep spaces perfect for corner shelving, cabinets, or even a revolving storage option. 

2. Plan for Accessory Organization in Your Walk In Closet Design

No more tangled belts, ties, and scarves! Incorporate special drawers, racks, and pull-out tie trays designed to make locating just the right one a snap.

3. Make Closet Storage Customizable

Your storage needs may change, so make sure your closet can change too. Consider movable shelving and racks that can be rearranged as needed. Giving yourself options keeps your space easy to organize.

4. Create Layers to Take Advantage of Depth

Pull-out shelving allows you to store multiple layers, taking advantage of the depth of your closet space, yet still giving you easy visual access. This is especially popular for shoe lovers. Being able to pull out the front shelf of shoes allows you easy access to the ones at the back.

5. Add an Island to Your Walk In Closet Design

For larger walk-in closets, take advantage of the central space and put some storage there by adding an island. The additional drawers will not only add to your storage capacity, but the top is a great workspace for folding clothing and organizing items. It is also a perfect space to get your items out and ready for the day.

If you’re looking for a custom closet company for walk-in closet design, The Closet Edition has the experience you need to make your space beautiful. Our experts work with you to design your perfect walk-in space with the storage you need! We invite you to take a look by visiting our showroom! Ready to make an appointment? Call us today at 561-241-3834.