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5 Design Features to Include in Your Custom Home Entertainment Center

5 Design Features to Include in Your Custom Home Entertainment Center

There’s little that a mini-makeover can’t fix, and that goes for your home living space, too! If you’re wondering what to do to breathe life back into a dull or busy living room, envision a more concentrated focus. Entertainment centers are a great way to put the room’s focus in one place, while offering useful features, such as the following.

Well-Placed Lighting

Lighting, or lack thereof, can either make or break your custom entertainment center. Cupboard lights serve more than one function, making it easier to see in smaller areas, as well as brightening up or showcasing decorative pieces. Backlighting gives a light, relaxed ambiance to the entire room without turning on overhead lighting.


Bookshelves are a great addition to any entertainment center. Combining space for magazines and coffee table books with the largest feature of the room, the entertainment center, allows for more space and well-thought-out organization.

Electric Fireplace

Whether gathering up the family for a movie night or just sitting around chatting with friends, the living area is your space for comfortable relaxation. An electric fireplace is an excellent addition to your custom entertainment center. Make your living room a place you never want to leave with a cozy fireplace, with or without heat.


Simplicity is key in keeping a living area organized. Keep your living space always clean and tidy by incorporating the things you use every day into your room décor. A place for everything and everything in its place! Keep your movies, CDs, books, magazines and board games nearby and out of the way with customized build-in storage solutions.


Visual Appeal

The most important aspect to your ideal entertainment center is the look. Color and shape of cut, elegant crown molding or sleek and simple, uniform cabinetry or abstract artistry. All of these features work together to create the overall feel of the room and who you are.

Let the Closet Edition Bring Your Design Ideas to Life with a Custom Home Entertainment Center in Boca Raton or Nearby

The best part of adding a customized home entertainment center is that it’s made to fit your needs and style. Pre-made kits don’t allow for creativity. When you’re ready to give your living space the facelift it needs, to bring life to your unused wall space, call the experts in storage space design and more at The Closet Edition in Boca Raton to schedule your consultation.