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Looking for a Custom Closet Solution to Organize Your Walk In? Here Are 5!

Keeping your walk-in closet organized is easier when you’ve got a custom closet solution for your items. And a beautiful, organized closet helps you start your day off right, making it easier and more pleasant to get ready. To get the most out of your space, here are 5 custom closet solutions to organize your walk in.

1. Add a Custom Island

An island adds additional storage as well as a space to help keep things organized. Drawers and cabinets are crafted to store things like jewelry, undergarments, ties, and more. And that countertop space is perfect to lay out your items for the day as you get ready. When it comes to keeping things put away, the countertop doubles as a space to fold clothes or sort things to be returned to their right places.

2. Install Cabinets for Clean Lines for a Great Custom Closet Solution

For a calm, streamlined space, adding custom cabinetry instead of open shelving allows things to be hidden from view when not in use. This adds to a more uniform, calming space. Keeping things behind doors helps reduce a cluttered appearance and make things feel more organized.

3. Add an Extra Bar

Doubling up on bars, a lower and a higher bar, doubles your hanging space. Purses can even be hung from a bar using special hooks. Or, use the top bar for shirts and lower bar to hang pants.

4. Customize Your Corners

Make use of corner space with custom corner shelving or corner cabinets. Perfect for smaller items, customized corner pieces help you add space that often goes unused.

5. Floating Shelves or Cubbies for the Minimalist

If you’re a minimalist and love the clean look of open space, consider installing custom floating shelving or cubbies on the wall. This dramatic look gives your closet a modern flare, as well as useful storage space. 

Choose TCE for the Perfect Custom Closet Solution for You!

The expert designers at the Closet Edition are ready to tackle your space. Whether it’s a new closet design or a revamp, we’ve got the experience you need to get the beautiful, organized closet of your dreams. Let us help you with custom closet solutions to organize your walk in today. Call us at 561-241-3834.