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5 Common Mistakes Made When Organizing Closets

Getting your closets in order can seem like a huge task. From your walk-in closet to your pantry, stuff can pile up and get lost. Getting a custom designed closet space can help you to get all of the closets in your home well organized for your needs. However, without professional closet designs for organization, you may not be able to organize as well as you’d like.

Here are 5 common mistakes people make when they organize their closets.


  • Not fully utilizing your space.


When you go to design and organize your closet, you will want to be sure to fully utilize all the space available. A lot of people ignore odd spaces and leave them unused. By doing this, you are giving up the opportunity to fully utilize the storage areas in your closets.


  • Using too many types of organizers.


While organizers are necessary to get your closet in order, you can have too much of a good thing. Too many organizers can lead to a cluttered look, and even can make it harder to find the items you are looking for.


  • Not matching your organization products.


Pick organizers that match each other. The best way to do this is to pick a color palette. For instance, you may want all wood, or perhaps you want blue and white. By picking a palette and sticking with it, your closets will have a more cohesive look.


  • Not using hooks.


While cabinets and drawers are very important, do not ignore the benefits of hooks. Hooks give you an easy place to hang jackets, scarves, and book or shopping bags that you use regularly.  


  • Not sorting by function.


Another mistake people make is organizing their items by type instead of by function. For instance, instead of just having all your shoes together, or sorting your shoes by color, you can sort them by occasion. This means when you are dressing, you can easily grab shoes that fit the occasion you are dressing for. This also may mean your dress shoes are in your bedroom closet, while your daily sneakers are in the foyer closet.

Ready to add professional closet organization to your reach in or walk in? Let us design your dream space, so your closets are perfectly organized!

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