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5 Best Reach-In Closet Tips to Maximize Storage

If your goal this summer is to get organized, you’re not alone. An organized home lifts our spirits and makes it easier to go about the day. Be ready to take on the challenge of organizing your reach-in closet with these tips to maximize storage.

1. Make Use of Hard to Reach Spaces in Your Reach-In Closet

Use your vertical space wisely by adding shelving all the way up to the ceiling. Store the items you use often where they’re easy to reach. Use the highest shelves to store unused or seasonal items. Wondering how you’ll access them? Keep a sturdy folding step stool tucked away for easy access.

2. Let There Be Light

Think lighting is just for walk-in closets? Lighting is important in your reach-in closet, too. It makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and it helps you keep things organized. If you have room, install a ceiling light to brighten the whole space. Consider adding lighting to shelving or cabinets to brighten up those darker spaces. For really tight spaces, consider battery operated LED rope lighting.

3. Consider Using Door Space

The back of the closet door can be a perfect place to install hooks for hanging additional items. Consider an organizer that attaches to the back of the door as another option. Making use of this often overlooked space is a great way to maximize reach-in closet storage.

4. Stack in Pairs

When storing items in boxes or baskets, limit yourself to pairs. Stacking more than two boxes makes it overwhelming when you want access to your things. 

5. Install a Second Rod

Having two hanging rods maximizes your hanging space. Double your space by installing two rods about three feet apart. Use the higher one for shirts and dresses and the lower rod for pants and skirts.

Does Your Reach-In Closet Need a Makeover?

Let the professional designers at The Closet Edition help you create the perfect custom storage solutions for your reach-in closet. Custom closets are designed just for your unique needs, so they’re easier to organize and keep organized. For a complimentary consultation, call us today at 561-241-3834!