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5 Best Entertainment Center Design Features

Make 2021 the year you upgrade your home entertainment by getting a custom designed entertainment center with the latest features that take your home entertainment to the next level! Custom entertainment centers offer exciting new features that you can’t get in store-bought furnishings. Here are the best entertainment center design features available.

1. Create a Custom Entertainment Niche

Add space and enhance design by recessing the entertainment area, creating a cool little niche. Add cabinets and shelving crafted specifically for the items you need to store or display. Building in an entertainment niche creates a useful and unique space to highlight your entertainment.

2. Make Your Entertainment Center Design the Ultimate in Component Organization and Cord Hiding

Exposed cords don’t look very nice. A tailor-made entertainment center eliminates this issue. Everything is suited just for your television and other entertainment components, ensuring cords are properly run and hidden from sight.  

3. You Can Make It the Perfect Size 

The best entertainment centers are built to be the perfect size for the room. A custom design takes the style of the room and size into account to create a piece that fits perfectly. 

4. Conceal Your TV in Multiple Purpose Rooms

A sleek custom build can hide your television from view when it’s not in use. This is especially sought after in spaces that serve multiple purposes like a living area or bedroom. Customized doors or even motorized mounts installed in the wall allow your television to disappear when you’re not watching it.

5. Floating Is In For Best Entertainment Center Design

Minimalist looks are in and people love incorporating floating elements into their personalized entertainment center designs. In this day and age of streaming, less storage is needed in many cases for movies, allowing for a much more minimalist style in entertainment. Consider elements that mount on the wall, up off the floor to get the best look.

For the best entertainment center design, get the professional expertise of The Closet Edition. With years of custom storage design experience, our family owned company is ready to create an entertainment experience designed just for your unique needs! Contact us today for a free consultation at 561-241-3834.