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4 Reasons Homeowners Love Custom Walk In Closets

Custom walk in closets are truly an attainable luxury that just about any homeowner can enjoy! Here are four reasons that homeowners love them.

1. A place for everything, and everything in its place with custom walk-in closets.

This is literally our motto! With a custom walk-in closet, you can help your designer create a place for everything you have that you want to store nicely in your walk in, so everything can always be in its place. Who doesn’t love knowing EXACTLY where everything is when they need it?! Custom closets help you stay better organized. Period.

2. It can double as a dressing room.

This is especially great for kids sharing a room! A walk in gives you a sense of privacy in a shared space. A dressing room / walk in that is well laid out can create a practical space that allows you to change comfortably. Add a full-length mirror, lighted vanity, jewelry island, sitting area, and whatever else your heart desires to make your dressing room a luxurious place to go pamper yourself!

3. Custom walk ins help sell homes.

A walk in adds value to your home, as they are one of THE most desired features by homebuyers. Now that they are considered the norm in new construction, your house may not be as marketable without one. This is because they help create the illusion of more space and also help hide clutter. They can even help increase security, as you can store valuables in a locked space inside a walk in. Even if you plan to stay in your home for many years to come, you can look at a walk-in closet as an investment, one from which you can count on an ROI.

4. You can hoard as much as you want in custom walk in closets!

Are you a collector? Now you have the space to keep collecting! Love to shop? Perfect, you can keep shopping without having to get rid of other clothes just so you can fit everything into your small closet!

Ready to take the leap and speak with a designer of custom walk in closets? Call us here at The Closet Edition today at 561-241-3834, and learn even more about all the reasons people love our custom walk ins!