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4 Organization Tips for your Custom Design Closet

A custom closet adds value to your home, creates space specifically with your storage needs in mind, and is simple to organize, making your day a bit easier. Once you’ve gotten your new closet, keeping it streamlined and beautiful is a matter of organizing and cutting out any clutter. Here are some organizing tips for your custom design closet.

1. Keep It Sorted Into Categories

A common pitfall is not keeping up with putting items back in their proper places. Maintaining categories makes things easier to find when you’re busy getting ready for your day. Break your closet into categories and after using an item, return it to its place. Schedule a few minutes each week to organize any items that are out of place. 

2. Make Use of Harder to Reach Spaces in your Custom Design Closet

Those vertical spaces are valuable real estate, especially for out-of-season items. Lidded baskets and storage bins can be placed up high to store things that you use infrequently or are waiting for the next season. As the seasons change, you can swap out the items and consider donating anything you no longer need to make more space in your personalized closet. Choose a cute vintage folding step stool for a fun accessory and easy access to those top shelves.

3. Choose Matching High-Quality Hangers

Matching hangers are an instant visual upgrade for any closet, and you definitely want them in your beautiful custom closet. Having quality hangers makes it easier to keep your clothing neat and organized. Slim velvet covered hangers not only look nice but keep clothing in place, so shirts and dresses won’t slip into a pile on the floor. 

4. Regularly Edit Items in your Custom Design Closet

Keeping ahead of the clutter is key. Edit seasonally as you switch out your wardrobe, and donate unwanted items to make space. You can also keep a special basket or bin in your closet and when you pull out an item and decide it’s no longer suitable, toss it in for donation. When the bin is full, drop it off for donation. 

If your closet needs an upgrade, and you’re ready for a professionally crafted, beautiful closet, the design experts at The Closet Edition are ready to help! We offer well-priced, furniture quality storage solutions that meet our customer’s unique needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation for a custom design closet at 561-241-3834.