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4 Common Problems in Reach In Closet Design and How to Fix Them

Designing a reach in closet requires advanced planning to make the most of the limited space inside. Most home builders create closets that are full of empty space. A custom closet design helps you maximize that space and allow you to organize with ease. Let’s look at common problems with reach in closet design and how to address them to improve your storage space.

Problem #1 With Reach In Closet Design: Only One Shelf and One Bare

So many closets contain just one shelf and one clothing rod. The shelf space is either filled with giant stacks of items making them hard to get or there is wasted space above the items. And below the bar, plenty of additional space that is perfect for a second clothing rod, custom drawers, or open storage shelves depending on what you plan to store. Adding bars and / or additional shelving allows you to better store what you have.

Problem #2 – Adjustability Issues

You may need to change the space over time. Consider designs for your reach-in closet that allow you to make adjustments as needed, especially in children’s bedrooms. As they grow, having adjustability is key to making the space best suit their changing needs.

Problem #3 – Not Having Closed Storage

Keeping a closet appealing to the eye and organized is easier if you have some closed storage options. Adding drawers or cabinets allows you to tuck items away out of sight and can be further organized with baskets or dividers.

Problem #4 With Reach In Closet Design- Poor Lighting

Bad lighting can make it hard to see what you’ve got in your closet. It can make your fun wardrobe look boring and dull. Illuminate your closet with properly placed lighting elements. You’ll save time when you can see inside and be able to get just the thing you need. Plus, you won’t waste time pulling out items just to get a better look at them.

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