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3 Things to Consider for Interior Closet Design

Smart interior closet design will help you make the most out of your space. From a walk-in closet to a reach-in, good organization combined with personalized design makes the space work hard to save you time. 

1. Use the whole space for best interior closet design.

Making use of your vertical space is key. Keeping often used items easily accessible within the space saves you time as you go about your day. But don’t dismiss the harder to reach areas – they are perfect for storing out of season items. Whether it is an interior closet in the common areas of your home, or a walk-in closet, consider how often you reach for the items when it comes to organization. Seasonal decor can be stored on higher shelves. Similarly, pieces of your wardrobe that are not part of the current season, are perfectly organized further up in the vertical space.

2. Accessorize.

Make use of drawer dividers to separate items, making them easier to find and grab. Bins, racks, and other containers are perfect places to hold many things and make it easier to stay organized, especially for items like socks, shoes, and handbags. Group items by category to save time and create a peaceful, appealing space.

3. Keep it clean.

Work with your designer to choose a flooring that best suits how you’ll use the space. For a hard-working utility closet, opt for something beautiful yet easy to clean. For a walk-in closet, think about how you’ll be using that space each day. Perhaps you want the warmth of carpet under your feet and to have ample space in which to run a vacuum. Or maybe you’ll be using the area as more than just a ready room and want more easily cleanable options. Talk to your designer at The Closet Edition for interior closet design in Boca Raton, so you can best meet your needs.

The dedicated designers at The Closet Edition will work with you for a perfect interior closet design in Boca Raton or other South Florida location. We can design walk ins and reach ins that perfectly meet all your needs and wants in a designer closet. Contact us for more information and to schedule a free consultation at (561) 241-3834.