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3 Amazing Closet Design Ideas – Organizing the Clutter

If you’re the kind of person who always throws clothes haphazardly in your closet—you’ve probably set yourself up for disaster more than once. The more you delay the process of organizing your clothes and finally coming up with a practical organization strategy, the worse your closet situation will be.

It’s a smart idea to revamp your closet so that it is easy to maintain and doesn’t get messy every two days. Here are some of the best closet designs and additions you can make to your closet so that you can actually find the clothes and accessories you are looking for when you need them.

1. Get Extra Shelves

Some people don’t think they need shelves in their closet if they have hangers and drawers. However, when you install shelves with the help of the best closet organizer company, you can store things that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a drawer. They can be stored on shelves, but also act as decoration for your closet at the same time.

California Closets Fort Lauderdale can help you not only with the installation of shelves, but they can provide other equipment that you can use to increase the overall storage in your closet. Not only does this make your closet easier to organize, it also reduces the chances of it looking cramped and small.

Closet companies in Ft. Lauderdale can inspect your closet space and give you a better analysis of what kind of shelves, as well as how many can fit in your closet to make it look spacious yet practical. There are also closet design companies that can help you figure out whether you should have shelves or clothes racks in your closet based on your budget and space.

2. Get Clothes Racks

One of the best parts of having clothes racks is that they’re open from both sides and make it easy for you to access your clothes. This reduces your chances of throwing all the clothes out of the way in an attempt to find something that wasn’t visible before.

The best custom closets aren’t the ones that only look pleasing to the eye. They’re also the ones that are the easiest to sustain. If your closet only looks organized once a year, it is not a sustainable design. Clothes racks force you to hang your clothes up every time, because you have no option of cramming them into the shelves.

3. Get Hidden Storage Space

You can work with custom closet companies in Ft. Lauderdale to design a closet that is full of hidden drawers and compartments. Not only does this make your closet look neater, it also stays more organized because you have a designated space for each type of accessory or clothing item.

Custom closets in Fort Lauderdale always look better when you don’t walk into too many clothes and shoes as soon as you enter. With more storage compartments, you can hide away the majority of your accessories to give your closet a spacious and airy feel. This also makes you feel less overwhelmed when you initially walk into it.

Final Words

As long as you work with efficient closet organization companies and come up with a practical and aesthetic closet design, you’re good to go. Make sure to keep your budget and closet space in mind.