A bathroom vanity is the focal point of any bathroom. Don’t continue living without the counter space and storage space that you need to live comfortably. You should consider getting a custom vanity for your bathroom in Boca Raton. At the Closet Edition, we are here to help your everyday routine go smoother by keeping you organized. The vanity is the most used item in the bathroom overall. If you have a vanity that fits you and your needs, you can be sure that your bathroom is easier to use. Not to mention, add to the aesthetics of your entire bathroom.

The options for a new vanity can be a lot depending on the theme you want your bathroom to follow. Not to mention, they also come in different sizes so they fit a bathroom appropriately. This can offer problems to you if you are simply purchasing a certain vanity from a store. Even though there are many different styles, you may never find the right one that fits your bathroom. When you choose to get a custom vanity for your bathroom, you can be sure that it will match your needs and look the way you want it to.

Creating your one of a kind vanity is easier than it sounds with the Closet Edition on your side. We come to your home and take measurements of your bathroom to make sure it fits perfectly. When we consult with you on your needs, we make sure you have all the cupboards, drawers, drawer organizers, and inserts you may need. While doing this we also ensure that your doors and drawers can open properly without overwhelming your space. If your bathroom is large enough and you require it, we can even make a double sink vanity for you. Our space designers are here for you. Even if you have a smaller bathroom, we can create innovative vanities that use your space efficiently.

Rest assured knowing The Closed Edition can help you dream up your custom vanity in Boca Raton. We can also build it for you efficiently. There is no need to stress out about renovations because we handle it all for you. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we will make sure you are getting the most out of your space. Call us today at (561) 257-0665 if you are interested in a custom vanity in your bathroom. We will provide you with a free consultation and answer any questions you may have!