So you want to be a neat freak, but maybe that goes completely against your nature. How does one with little experience in organizing go from zero to organizational hero in no time? Keep things simple with these tips, and you’ll quickly be living in maintainable neatness for good.

Use Your Smartphone – There’s an App for That!

You use your smartphone for everything—texting, emails, video chat, taking pictures, social media… One of your greatest allies in the war against clutter is your trusty smartphone. Download an app or two that speaks to your personal organizational needs, and the app(s) will help you make goals and stay on top of things—like a pocket-sized personal assistant!

Use Pinterest to Gather Ideas on How to Get Clutter Free

Another wonderful gift of technology is Pinterest. Pin your favorite ideas for organizing the office or home on your own personal Pinterest board. Once you’ve pinned a few ideas from the internet, take a look at your friends’ and community boards to snag a few more you’d like to try. This method tends to be great for finding DIY projects you can do over a weekend for fun.

Create Organization Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day! In other words, don’t expect to finish your whole house, or even a whole room, after just one go. Make your organizing dreams come true, slowly but steadily, by taking a bit of time each day to accomplish one goal. Perhaps today, you organize your kitchen pantry. Tomorrow, take a stab at the magazine rack in your sitting room. Small but reasonable goals that are attainable leave you feeling great and won’t wear down your resolve.

Make – and – Use To-Do Lists

Bullet journals have become a popular outlet for both creativity and organizational exploration. No matter what your goal is, you can fit just about anything in a bullet journal because it’s customized by you for you. Granted, that doesn’t mean you can’t pander over Pinterest’s bullet journaling ideas to inspire some of your own. Pick up a blank doodling journal from the store, and get to work!

Seek Help From The Closet Edition, Closet Organization Company in Boca Raton

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