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Are you tired of not having the closet space you need and not having the storage area for your clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories? If so, a new custom designed closet could be the answer! Installing a new custom closet can give you the additional space you’ve been needing in your home. At The Closet Edition,

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Are you looking for a new entertainment center for your living room? A custom entertainment center can provide you with the storage space you need for all of your electronics and more. At The Closet Edition we design and install custom entertainment center in South Florida. If you’re in the market for a new entertainment center, call our professionals today

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We don’t get to always choose the type of closets our home comes with, but luckily you can remodel them! An unorganized closet can add unnecessary stress when you’re in a rush and trying to find something. Whether it be your pantry closet of bedroom closet, everyone know the more organized your closets are the

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If you work from home, having a properly designed office cannot only improve functionality, but also the overall appearance of your work space. When you have an office space that you admire aesthetically, it makes you both more productive and motivated. Creating a space that reflects your individual style, while also improving utility is what

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When it comes to your entertainment center it’s more than just an area for your television. You probably have a DVD player, cable box, internet router, a sound bar, gaming system and more. With these things in the living room there can be a lot of wires hanging loose that creates a big eyesore in

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If your closet is constantly unorganized and you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for it may not be because you’re messy. For those who don’t have enough closet space it can be tough to stay organized. A custom closet system can give you the additional space you need in your closet. Hiring a

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When you want to keep an organized home, you must take advantage of your shelving. At the Closet Edition, we offer the great benefit of custom shelving in South Florida. Lucky for you these custom shelving options can help you organize in any section of your home. Whether you need additional organization in your clothes

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When you work from home, there could be far more distractions that you must deal with compared to at an office setting. While working from home definitely has its perks, it is necessary to include home office organization in South Florida. At the Closet Edition, we have great features such as custom home office furniture

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For those who are interested in an organized closet, it could be beneficial to hire a closet designer in Boca Raton. While many people may think of closets in passing as they purchase a house, no one really takes the time to consider the importance of a closet until your clothes don’t fit. Finding alternatives

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Whether you have recently purchased a house or you are ready to upgrade your living space, a custom entertainment center in Boca Raton is a great way to improve the comfort level in your house. Everything will have their own designated spots and you will be able to easily entertain your guests. Purchasing a custom