When it comes to your entertainment center it’s more than just an area for your television. You probably have a DVD player, cable box, internet router, a sound bar, gaming system and more. With these things in the living room there can be a lot of wires hanging loose that creates a big eyesore in your living room. A custom entertainment system can provide you with custom designed areas for each of these systems. The Closet Edition offers many custom options when it comes to home entertainment centers and we can help you find the perfect system to hide the wires in your living room.

Just having a TV stand in your living room probably isn’t enough to store all your electronics. Most people more than just their television in the living room. Our professionals at The Closet Edition can design and install a custom entertainment system that will give you the storage space for all your electronics. Our custom entertainment centers can give you space for all your electronics including:

  • DVD player
  • Internet router
  • Gaming systems
  • Video games
  • Cable box

Your TV and entertainment center is the focal point of your living room. You may have family and friends over to watch movies or sports and you don’t want a bunch of wires causing your living room to look like a mess. With help from our team at The Closet Edition we can design and build the perfect entertainment system for your living room. Including giving your living room the storage space for all your electronics, you’ll also improve the appearance of your living room. A custom entertainment center can also give you space to put family pictures or other items to help give your living room the look you desire.

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom entertainment options contact The Closet Edition today. Our interior design team offers much more than just closet design. We can also help with custom entertainment centers, garage organization and more. To learn more about how we can help create the perfect entertainment center for your living room contact our team today to schedule your free consultation.